Incorporating Literacy in EFL Classroom: Teacher's Strategy and Students' Opinions

Teachers' Strategy And Students' Opinions

  • Dinda Zachra Musdalifa Esa Unggul University
  • Meiyanti Nurchaerani Esa Unggul University


The aim of this study are to explore teachers’ strategy to teach literacy in EFL classroom and to find out their reflection in their literacy teaching. This study was conducted in descriptive qualitative approach, by using observation and interview to collect the data from the participants which were seven grades English teacher  and ten students in seven grade in an Islamic private junior high school. The results showed that teachers applied various strategies to incorporate literacy in EFLclassrooom, They also shared students’ opinions as English teachers related to their belief and experience towards the teachers’ strategy  and their effectiveness in teaching the literacy in English subject


Keywords: Literacy, Strategies, EFL