Korelasi Implementasi Kurikulum 2013 Revisi di SMK Negeri Pertanian Pembangunan Lembang Kab. Bandung Barat

  • Edi Gunawan Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Supriatna Supriatna Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Soeganda Priyatna Universitas Islam Nusantara
  • Ujang Cepi Berlian Universitas Islam Nusantara


Implementation in the planning and development of the revised 2013 curriculum, which needs to be socialized. The aim is to analyze (1). Planning to arrange learning (2). Implemented at SMKN Agriculture Development Lembang Bandung Regency (3). Assessment of student learning outcomes (4). Knowing the obstacles in the learning process (5) Finding solutions in its implementation. The method uses descriptive quantitative statistical data analysis techniques (1). Population, respondents 55 classroom teachers, (2). Productive program subject groups (3). Variable Implementation of Curriculum 2013 revision (4). Data collection techniques are questionnaires, interviews, surveys, study documentation. Conclusion: (1). Implementation of the revised 2013 curriculum in learning planning with a value of = 71.71 (2). Solutions for educators' efforts in adjusting time and material relevant to competence, and always consulting with all components, including the department secretary.

 Keywords: Implementation Correlation, 2013 Revised Curriculum, State Vocational