• Nirna Nirmala Universitas Islam Syekh-Yusuf, Tangerang


The ability to write a good paragraph is something that English Language Education students have to master. They are expected to be able to write containing good writing aspects. They have to produce some paragraphs with good content, organization, grammar, word choice, and mechanics. However, to reach the goal of teaching writing is not an easy task since writing is considered as a complex skill. Because of that, to acquire good writing skill, students need to practice a lot. Therefore, it is necessary for teacher of writing course to facilitate students to practice both inside and outside the classroom. Team development is one of teaching models that has been investigated as an effective way to improve students’ writing ability. However, the application of the model in classroom is time-consuming. To overcome this, technology can be a good solution to design learning activities under the steps of team development model. This article proposes the use of WhatsApp to apply team development model in writing class. Furthermore, future researchers are challenged to evaluate the implementation of the model.


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