• Hermariyanti Kusumadewi Universitas Indraprasta PGRI


Story book is one of learning medias and easy to be found. For those who need to motivate himself in reading, reading a story book can be used as an alternative way to improve his skills in reading. By reading a story book, someone can learn many vocabularies, many expressions, and messages from the story. The aims of the research are: to find out adverbs used in the A Thief story book by Silvester Goridus Sukur, to determine the percentage of adverb used in the A Thief story book by Silvester Goridus Sukur. This research is conducted by using descriptive qualitative method. Literature review and relevant research have been observed to obtain the description of the data. As the analysis shows that finding out the adverbs frequently appeared in the “A Thief” story book by Silvester Goridus Sukur can give important information about going to emphasize the point of the story therefore it avoids misinterpretation from the readers. 


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