Peer Review Process

  1. The articles submissions are processed through website.
  2. Submitted article should address to the focus and scope determined.
  3. Submitted article will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. Then, it, articles that comply with Abdi Pandawa standard writing criteria, will be forwarded to reviewers.
  4. Rejected Article will be returned to the author without being forwarded to reviewers.
  5. After reviewing process, if there are any revisions, articles will be sent back to the author.
  6. After making revision, authors have to re-submit the articles based on the notes, comments and feedback of the reviewers.
  7. Another reviewed will be informed later after the resubmission.
  8. After the process of substantial review, there are three kind of information that will be shared such as articles can be accepted for publication, accepted with some revision or rejected article.
  9. Accepted and Rejected articles are decided by the Chief Editor. It is based on the result of review and suggestion from reviewers and the editorial board.