Analisis Kualitas Air Minum Pada Air Alkali Terionisasi


  • Nita Rosita UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta



Water is needed by humans life, so water quality is a quality requirement of human health. A Few years ago, people are familiar with ionized alkaline water which has a pH of more than 7. Consequently, it is necessary to test the quality of ionized alkaline water following Ministry of Health Regulation (PERMENKES) No. 492 of 2010. Samples were taken from 8 brands of ionized alkaline water in the South Tangerang. The measurement method is procedured with the Indonesian national standard method (SNI). The results of the physical and biological analysis show that 8 brands taken as samples comply with the quality standards with applicable regulations. The result of the  chemical show that indicate that 3 samples do not fulfill the PERMENKES requirements, namely pH, pH concentrations ranging from 7.61-8.90 with the required quality standards of 6.5-8.5. Whereas other chemical parameters of Manganese, Iron, Ammonia, Nitrite, Sulfate, Chloride, and Hardness fulfill the specified requirements. The results concluded that only five of the eight brands of ionized alkaline water were suitable for consumption by the applicable regulations.