Author Guidelines

Structure Of the Manuscript

The title uses an effective sentence

Author’s Name

The author's name listed without title (authors preferably from 2 (two) countries)

E-mail, listed e-mail should be active because of the correspondence by e-mail.

Abstract and Keywords

Abstract must be written in English and Indonesian, use Times New Roman font size 12, italics words, justify paragraph, 1 line spacing, consisting of 100-125 words, containing the background of the problem, urgency of writing/research, research methods, research results or conclusions.

Keywords Written in English and Indonesian, Times New Roman 12, italic, consisting of 3-5 keywords, separated by semicolons (;), ending with a period (.)]


  1. Introduction

The following are four introductory contents as the main outlined paragraphs that must be developed by the author, sub-chapters are not allowed to be written in the introduction

Background of the Problem. Times New Roman size 12, justify paragraph, 1 space, contains 1-2 paragraphs, first paragraph indented 1 cm, don’t add space between paragraphs (no before and after space). Introduction contains a description of the background of the problem accompanied by the problem statements written in the last paragraph of this chapter. 

Theoretical framework. Times New Roman size 12, justify paragraph, 1 line space, contains 2 paragraphs, the first paragraph is indented 1 cm, don’t add space between paragraphs (no before and after space). Theoretical framework contains a description of the theories used in the article. All theoretical frameworks used in this article must be cited or referenced in the Results and Discussion chapter.

Problem. Times New Roman size 12, justify paragraph, 1 space, contains 1 paragraph, first paragraph indented 1 cm, don’t add space between paragraphs (no before and after space). Problem contains a description of this research problem whether it is important or not, and or what is unique about this paper compared to previous research. The author also needs to state a clear research objective.


  1. Research Methods

Times New Roman 12, justify paragraph, 1 line space, contains 2 paragraphs, the first paragraph is indented 1 cm, don’t add space between paragraphs (no before and after space). Research method contains a brief discussion of research approach, research specifications, types and techniques of data collection, as well as data analysis methods.

  1. Results and Discussion

Times New Roman 12, justify, 1 space, each paragraph begins with an indent of 1 cm, write sentences between paragraphs without spaces (no before and after space). This chapter contains the results or research findings (scientific finding) followed by a a detailed discussion. The discussion is descriptive, analytical and critical.

The description of the discussion must be adjusted to the sequences of legal issues as the main elements in the study. The theories included in the theoretical frameworks must be all cited in this chapter.

The discussion consists of sub-chapters. Use Times New Roman font for sub-chapter titles, size 12, bold, use Arabic numerals.

  1. Sub Chapter
  2. Sub Chapter
  3. Sub Chapter

Descriptions paragraph that use bullets or Arabic numbers must follow the sentence lines. It is not permitted to write points down. 

  1. Conclusion

Times New Roman size 12, justify, 1 space, each paragraph and begins with 1 cm indented writing. The conclusion contains the essence of the study and is also the answer to the problems studied in the article. Therefore, the conclusion chapter must be adapted to the sequences of existing problems. Besides, conclusions can also be used to test whether or not a research or study objective has been achieved.


The bibliography contains all the references used in the study. References that may be referred are no later than published in last 10 years, except for certain references (books) which have not been republished more than the last 10 years. It is highly recommended proportion of the bibliography are in form of primary sources (80%), namely national journals, international journals, theses, dissertations, conference proceedings, both national and international while the remaining (20%) can be books or other reference sources. Each article must contain a minimum of 15 references and only references used as citation may be included in the Bibliography.



‹author's name›, ‹year of publication›, ‹title›, ‹publisher›, ‹place of publication›.

Pollock, Frederick, et al., 1888, An Essay on Possession in the Common Law, Clarendon Press, Oxford. 


Journal Article

‹author name›, “‹title›”, ‹journal name›, ‹volume›, ‹number›, ‹month›, ‹year›.

Pound, Roscoe, “The Scope and Purpose of Sociological Jurisprudence”, Harvard Law Review, Vol. 25, no. 6, April 1912.


Research Results

‹author's name›, ‹year of publication›, ‹title›, ‹type of publication (research results/thesis/thesis/dissertation)›, ‹institution›, ‹place of institution›.

Pratama, Rommy, 2012, Implementation of Restorative Justice in Juvenile Criminal Law, Thesis, Masters Program, Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University, Semarang.



‹author name›, “‹title›”, ‹publication type›, ‹forum›, ‹place›, ‹time›.

Hardjasoemantri, Koesnadi, “Legal Aspects of Community Participation in Management

Environment”, Speech, Inauguration of Professor at the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, April 15 1985.


Articles in Anthologies with Editors

‹name of author›, “‹title of article›”, in ‹editor›, ‹year›, ‹book title›, ‹publisher›, ‹place of publication›.

Madison, James, “The Federalist No. XVIII”, in Hamilton, Alexander, et al., 1837, The Federalist: On the New Constitution, Written in the Year 1788, Glazier, Masters & Smith, Hallowell.


Magazine or Newspaper Articles

‹name of author›, “‹title of article›”, ‹name of magazine/newspaper›, ‹date of article published›. Falaakh, Mohammad Fajrul, "The Yogya Monarchy Is Unconstitutional?", Kompas, 1 December 2010.


Internet Sources

‹author name›, “‹article title›”, ‹full url address›, accessed ‹access date›. Indonesian Child Protection Commission, "52 State Commissions, KPAI Determined Selection

Alam",, accessed 15 January 2011.



Nomenclature of statutory regulations including their number, year and title, followed by the number and year of the place of promulgation.

Law Number 5 of 1999 concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia of 1999 Number 33, Supplement to State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3817).

Minister of Finance Regulation Number 129/PMK.08/2011 concerning the Use of Projects as a Basis for Issuing State Sharia Securities (State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia of 2011 Number 502).


Court Decision

Court forum product nomenclature, product number, subject, date of entry into legal force.

Supreme Court Decision Number 55PK/Pid/1996 concerning the Judicial Review of Dr. Muchtar Pakpahan, S.H., M.A., 25 October 1996.

Constitutional Court Decision Number 004/PUU-I/2003 concerning Review of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 of 1985 concerning the Supreme Court regarding the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia of 1945, 30 December 2003.

Writing quotations uses the footnote model. The writing method is as above, but the author's name is not reversed. Page writing is abbreviated to “p.”.

  more detail see journal template