About the Journal

About The Journal

SUPREMASI HUKUM, an ISSN national journal P ISSN 02165740E ISSN 27455653  , provides a forum for publishing research result articles, articles and review books from academics, analysts, practitioners, and those interested in providing literature on Legal Studies in all aspects. 

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Supremacy of Law publishes articles derived from ideas, normative and empirical research, and library discussions written in Indonesian and English. The scope of the journal of the supremacy of the law includes: criminal law and events, civil and event law, state business system and event, business and the event, justice, corporate law, guarantee law, banking law, criminal law, crime law, penitentiary law, telematics law, and so on. 

Check Plagiarism

Every article submitted to the Rule of Law journal will be checked using software Turnitin