Peer Review Process

The Peer Review process in the Journal of Supremacy Law has 6 stages among others:

  1. Submitted manuscripts will be checked for focus and scope suitability by the editor.
  2. The editor will evaluate the conformity of the script with the law supremacy journal template.
  3. Once the editor has finished adjusting the curve style, the script is given to the revisor according to his field.
  4. The review will be done with a blind review.
  5. Reviewer will evaluate the substance of the script with focus and scope. Reviews given to the author:                       a. Accept the script without revision.                                                                                                                               b. Receiving the script with revision, after the author revised it then the script was accepted                             c. Writing Rejected
  6. The final stage of peer review is a plagiarism check with a maximum of 40%.